New Dejavu Cream Pencil Eyeliner

  • Oval cross-section tip that achieves lines as thin as 0.65mm.
  • Smooth & creamy formula that glides across lash line easily without running, feathering or smudging.
  • Long-lasting wear that is oil, sweat and rub-resistant.

Removes completely and gently at the touch of warm water.

Ultrafine 0.65mm Eyeliner

From Ultra Thin To Bold, Striking Lines

  • Effortlessly creates thin or thick stable strokes with its oval cross-section tip.
  • Adjustable tip defines different types of looks.
  • Filling in spaces along lash line to enhance the volume of lashes.

Smooth And Creamy

  • Loose pigment formula that allows smooth glides and effortless lines without needing much pressure.
  • Easily dispersed pigments that crafts beautiful yet detailed lines in between the lashes and outer corner of eyes.
  • Creamy and smoother than of gel pencils.

24 Hours Staying Power

  • Oil, sweat and rub-resistant stick-on formula** stays on throughout the day.
  • Super waterproof non-smudge type does not fade.

Available in 4 shades



Mauve Brown

Dark Brown


Dejavu Cream Pencil Eyeliner

1 Draw A Clean Line

Gently pull sideways for the outer corners of eyes for easier tightlining.

2 Twist Tip To 1mm

Twisting up too much of product might break off the eyeliner as you're applying it.

3 Close The Cap For Freshness

Keep eyeliner firmly capped after using and make sure it does not dry out. If tip is exposed to air, it will harden and become difficult to draw.


Cream Pencil Eyeliner - Packaging