Rising to fame in 2001 after the Japanese brand’s successful single-mascara launch, Dejavu Mascara has managed to captivate the hearts of many, in Japan and internationally, and continued to stand strong in the beauty industry throughout these years.

During the time when oil-based mascara held a major part of the mascara market, they were thought to be only source for styles of eyelashes that women desired. Nevertheless, most oil-based mascara were prone to smudges and flakes and waterproof-formulated mascaras were a chore to remove.

Inspired by millions of women and the desire to keep things natural and safe, Dejavu launched Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara in 2001. The one-and-only-product revolutionize the cosmetic industry, especially with its unique film-type technology that washes off with just warm water.

This breakthrough film-type technology took the market by storm and quickly, words spread from Japan to the world.

Since then, Dejavu Mascara has continued to innovate, develop and improve a series of award-winning mascaras and started to include eyeliners into their product range, incorporating the film-type technology into each product for an individualized formula. The brand has been expanding internationally ever since and is now sold in over various countries across the globe to provide women across the world with affordable products that are scientifically-advanced formulas for effortless beauty.



Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara


Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara Natural Brown


Dejavu Lasting-fine Pencil Eyeliner


Dejavu Lasting-fine Liquid Eyeliner


  • Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara
  • Lash Knockout Mascara


Lasting-fine Felt Liquid RN Eyeliner


  • Lasting-fine Liquid RN Eyeliner
  • Keep Style Mascara
  • Lasting-fine Liquid RN Glossy Brown Eyeliner
  • Lash Knockout Mascara (Improved Formula)
  • Fiberwig Extra Long R Mascara (Improved Formula)


  • Lasting-fine Felt Liquid R Eyeliner (Improved Formula)
  • Lasting-fine Pencil R Eyeliner (Improved Formula)